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Welcome to Witchaven farm where I raise miniature donkeys. There are 2 Jacks and 15 jenetts that produce  select babies each year. As the babies are born I collect pictures  and post. However they can not be separated from  their moms for at least 3 months. The way to get the most recent pics are to contact me and I can text recent pics  for you within a day. I always try to answer any inquires within 24 hours. If the babies are pictures here and do not have a sold within their picture they are available.  Last updated August 24th 2019


All of my donkey babies are quiet, good natured and curious. Their mother's are all kind, quiet and extremely friendly.The herd is handled every day. They are extremely easy to manage and make a wonderful first equine pet for your children.They are great companions for other farm animals and are fiercely protective of the animals that would be uninvited guests in their field. My donkeys are very familiar with dogs and will not chase them.We all live in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains, just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.

2019 Babies are all sold

All 2019 babies have  been sold

OLDER  Boy on the right is for sale

The little boy on the right is for sale . He is 3 and there is a little girl who would match up with him very nicely if you are looking for two minis.If interested please just let me know,and I can send a pic of the little girl. They are both on the small side.

The Late Comer

This little guy was born early this week. He is  is sooo cute and has some pretty awesome  coloring. I do not believe I have had a baby born in ten years that is colored as nicely. He really is adorable with a temperament to match! His Dad is a semi woolly thus the thick coat. Note his ear coloring and the spots on his legs  

SOLD  Last update Jan 11,2020