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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm



Welcome to Witchaven farm where I raise miniature donkeys. There are 2 Jacks and 15 jenetts that produce  select babies each year. As the babies are born I collect pictures and  and post. However they can not be separated from  their moms for at least 3 months. The way to get the most recent pics are to contact me and I can text recent pics or get recent pics for you within a day.


All of my donkey babies are quiet, good natured and curious. Their mother's are all kind, quiet and extremely friendly.The herd is handled every day. They are extremely easy to manage and make a wonderful first equine pet for your children.They are great companions for other farm animals and are fiercely protective of the animals in the field with them.My donkeys are very familiar with dogs and will not chase them.We all live in the foothills of the blue ridge just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.

2019 Babies 4 Sale

To date there are 5 babies. All female and all very cute. Of course I would think so! There are 2 spotted girls and 4 black and black and white. The one paint in the feeder would not cooperate and as she grows better pic's will be available upon request. They all are handled everyday and already look for treats and affection from me. They are use to my dogs and are very comfortable around strangers. Often when people come into the field a particular baby picks them out and  follows them around.


These 2 are a year and two years old. They have grown up together. They  are quite  small and very cute. The older one meets me at my gate when I get home from work just waiting for a treat.